• Patricia Hodge, as Mrs Coulter, is as beastly in khaki safari-wear as she is beguiling in full-length fox.

    ECONOMIST: New theatre

  • True, Welfare's willingness to let civil servants wear head-scarves in public offices contravenes a high-court ruling on the subject.

    ECONOMIST: What��s the Turkish for struggle?

  • When they're not fighting city traffic in Cadillac suvs, middle-class Saudis frequent gleaming shopping malls lined with designer brand names from the U.S. In a country where women are required to wear full-length abayas in public, you can catch Sex and the City on satellite TV every Friday night.

    CNN: Do We Still Need the Saudis?

  • But as the terrain flattened, the main pack gradually began to reel in the Gerolsteiner rider, who will wear the polka-dot jersey in stage eight.

    BBC: SPORT | Other Sport... | Cycling | McEwen sprints to stage seven win

  • The suicide bombers -- who have become known as "black widows" -- are dressed head-to-toe in black and wear the so-called "Martyr's belt" filled with explosives.

    CNN: Chechnya's 'black widow' bombers

  • Customers didn't know about Victoria, but for years, boardroom fantasizing about her kept executives focused. (The myth was that she was 36, married to a lawyer and lived in London.) Lingerie and clothing in the catalog were items that executives imagined she'd wear sipping make-believe martinis in her imaginary home.

    FORBES: Cosmetic Improvement

  • High-end street-wear shops throw in a carefully edited selection of Converse sneakers.

    WSJ: Comforting the Wealthy

  • Frequent spenders might want to wear tags in high-end malls that would trigger text messages and videos about sales as they walk the mall.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Wear feathers in public--as I occasionally have--and people tend to assume that (a) You are an adorable eccentric or (b) You are ridiculous and tacky.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Nevertheless, the frustration of Turkish feminists, who fear they have lost ground to women demanding the right to wear Islamic-style headscarves in lectures, is understandable.

    ECONOMIST: Turkey��s other half

  • Virtue, the Islamic party formed when its predecessor, Welfare, was banned in 1998 after being thrown out of office, has spotted that with a European arm around its shoulder it might be better able to insist, for instance, that females should be allowed, despite current laws, to wear headscarves in state-run schools and government offices.

    ECONOMIST: Is it adieu to Ataturk?

  • Cronk, who also designs three lines of ready-to-wear jeans, attributes the interest in handmade, special-order jeans to a growing malaise toward mass-produced goods.

    FORBES: Haute Pants: Making A Market In Custom Denim

  • So if we accept that Ive is the sucessor to Jobs with the title of design-obsessive-in-chief, then looking at his own choices in wrist wear becomes relevant.

    FORBES: Will Apple's iWatch Usher In A New Time-Based User Interface?

  • On the foot, the first sensation of a Bemer shoe is the solid balance between heel and ball--and this in a ready-to-wear model.

    FORBES: The Sole of Stefano Bemer

  • Users must wear special glasses with built-in headphones to view one programme and block the other.

    BBC: CES 2013: Samsung simplifies its smart TV experience

  • "Raising the speed to 350kmph (217 mph) or 380 kmph (236 mph) would lower built-in safety redundancies, and greatly increase wear-and-tear and operating costs, " Zhao said.

    CNN: China's high-speed trains attract frustrated fliers

  • It got a boost in 2003 when Uma Thurman appeared in the movie Kill Bill decked out in Tiger wear -- a yellow sweatsuit and a pair of gold-colored Onitsuka Taichi sneakers with black stripes.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Walcott, Bendtner, Tomas Rosicky, Denilson and Laurent Koscielny have all recently returned from injury and they helped the visitors make a blistering start against a Newcastle line-up chosen with Sunday's Tyne-Wear derby against Sunderland in mind.

    BBC: Newcastle 0-4 Arsenal

  • And after a parade of misadventures in pseudo-maternity wear, Kim Kardashion finally looked, dare I say it, stylish and even sexy in a short black number with a keyhole on the neckline and sheer batwing sleeves, which she paired with a long drooped gold tassel necklace.

    FORBES: From Emma Watson To Kim Kardashian: Red-Carpet Winners And Losers At The 2013 MTV Movie Awards

  • The Saracens lock aggravated a long-standing "wear and tear" problem in his left knee during England's 15-15 draw with Scotland last Saturday.

    BBC: Moody to captain England as Deacon replaces Borthwick

  • Aptly for a racecourse, the going was heavy throughout the site but those who hadn't burned themselves out too early in the day - and there were many rather the worse for wear - had a huge choice of the best in current music.

    BBC: Oxegen review

  • In an effort to keep with the times, Ascot did experiment in the Swinging Sixties - in 1968, men were permitted to wear lounge suits in the Royal Enclosure on the Friday of the meeting.

    BBC: Kitted out for Royal Ascot

  • Unlike Europe, where biking connotes images of commuters in office wear, cycling in America is viewed as sweat-inducing competition, said Mikael Colville-Anderson, chief executive of Copenhagenize, a consulting firm that produces the index.

    WSJ: Lance Armstrong's Fall Has Created Backlash Among Cyclists Over the Bright Lycra Outfit

  • By the mid-2000s, Armani had been in the ready-to-wear business for more than 30 years, and his label covered everything from suits to underwear.

    WSJ: The Future of Armani

  • He sat them in a chair and asked them to wear virtual-reality goggles, which work by projecting a picture in front of each eye.

    ECONOMIST: Consciousness

  • Most turned out in the elegant knee-length tunics and full-length dresses that Bhutanese must wear in public because they were told the king wished it.

    ECONOMIST: Bhutan's mock election

  • However, the tablets require users wear dorky, two-toned glasses in order to view the 3-D content.

    CNN: 3-D smartphones ditch the glasses

  • Lead scientist Professor Nicholas Spencer suspected that this property could neutralise the effectiveness of the synovial fluid as a lubricant - increasing friction and wear in the hip implant.

    BBC: Longer-lasting hip-joint hope

  • Students - aged 14 to 19 and from Staffordshire and Derbyshire - can also wear 3D glasses in one classroom to see colour animations of the work they are undertaking.

    BBC: JCB-sponsored ?22m academy opens in Rocester

  • Fifa compromised by allowing the British teams to wear poppies - which honour those killed in war - on black armbands, but not stitched on to the shirt like in the Premier League (pictured).

    BBC: Quiz of the week's news

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