• So successful, in fact, that it has been adopted as the disclosure reporting regime by about a dozen significant oil and natural gas producing states, and is being considered for adoption by the Department of Interior as a part of its own pending regulation on hydraulic fracturing and well completions.

    FORBES: Harvard's Frack Disclosure Study Earns an 'F'

  • "Hydraulic fracturing in a well for shale gas development, which involves injection of fluids to fracture the shale and release the gas up the well, has been confirmed as the cause for small felt seismic events at one location in the world, " the report states.

    CNN: Debate over fracking, quakes gets louder

  • The one important fact is that fracturing of an individual well emits relatively small amounts of volatile compounds, the material of concern, and some wells emit none at all.

    FORBES: Why Anti-Fracking Groups Are Shifting Their Story From Water To Air Quality

  • Texas became the first state in the union to require well-by-well disclosure of all ingredients of fracturing fluids being used anywhere in the state when Governor Rick Perry signed into law House Bill 3328, the Texas Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Disclosure bill, in June, 2011.

    FORBES: Clearing The Air On Hydraulic Fracturing Laws In Texas

  • Today the Obama administration tightened oil and gas industry regulations, forcing drillers to capture air pollutants released during well construction including during hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in new wells.

    FORBES: U.S. Energy Independence in 15 Years?

  • In its review of incidents of drinking water well contamination believed to be associated with hydraulic fracturing, EPA found no confirmed cases that are linked to fracturing fluid injection into CBM wells or subsequent underground movement of fracturing fluids.

    FORBES: EPA's Fracking Hysteria

  • When the drilling is finished, water, combined with chemicals designed to reduce friction and serve other purposes, is injected from the surface into the well shaft at very high pressures, thereby fracturing the shale rock formations far below, and making it possible to extract economically the natural gas embedded in the shale.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • And the main way they do it is through what they call hydraulic fracturing, which after they drill the well bore, they perforate it.

    NPR: Drilling for Gas in Dallas-Fort Worth

  • You are correct that the entire lifecycle of a gas well using current advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing needs to be safe and secure.

    FORBES: EPA Doubts Its Own Anti-Fracking Study, While Ohio Determines Fracking Did Not Spawn Earthquake Swarm

  • This is utterly absurd, and only serves to mislead the public, as well as policymakers, who desperately need accurate information about hydraulic fracturing in order to make good public policy decisions related to it.

    FORBES: Just Tell the "Fracking" Truth

  • Every well that gets drilled into shale formations or other tight reservoirs requires hydraulic fracturing before the oil and gas will flow.

    FORBES: Shale Gas Frackers Get Excited About ... A New Sponge?

  • Although the meeting was primarily to inform local residents about the drilling of the second well concerns were raised by the residents about the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing possibly being used on the site.

    BBC: Ballinlea

  • As a consequence, good faith efforts by well-intentioned stakeholders in getting it right when it comes to regulating Hydraulic Fracturing and mitigating its real impacts have a difficult time cutting through all the noise in the system to get to real, sensible solutions.

    FORBES: Stubbed Toe? Blame Global Warming...or Fracking

  • Wells in shale plays have to undergo a process known as fracturing to boost the porosity of the rock and to make oil and gas flow to the well head.

    FORBES: Baker Hughes Ramps Up Oil Fracking On Low Natural Gas Prices

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