• Up to 15 percent of our potential wind energy resources are on Native American land, and the potential for solar energy is even higher.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Opens Tribal Nations Conference

  • Boone Pickens stole the spotlight with his plans to build the world's largest wind farm slightly north of Amarillo in the Texas panhandle, the state's most powerful wind energy resources remain untapped.

    FORBES: America's Best Places For Alternative Energy

  • This includes everything from tapping our offshore oil supplies and vast natural gas reserves, to doubling down on clean energy resources like wind and solar power, to developing new technologies that help us use less energy altogether.

    WHITEHOUSE: By the Numbers: $4 Billion

  • Three national environmental groups on Friday sued the U.S. Bureau of Land Management over its approval of a planned NextEra Energy Resources wind farm in the Tehachapi region of California that state and federal wildlife officials had warned threatens the critically endangered California condor.

    FORBES: Green Groups Sue To Stop California Wind Project That Threatens Condor

  • Contrary to what many people may expect, most of these technologies, which include microturbines, fuel cells and high-efficiency cogeneration, rely on fossil fuels rather than renewable-energy resources like wind or solar energy.

    FORBES: Perfect Power: Clean Energy's Killer App

  • Like China, the prodigious expansion of power production from renewable-energy resources like wind, solar energy and geothermal has outpaced the ability of the transmission systems to move these new power supplies to centers of demand.

    FORBES: Transmission Bottlenecks Bad News for Renewable Energy

  • To get clean energy to them requires a decentralised approach using local resources such as wind power, solar energy or small hydroelectric projects.

    ECONOMIST: Change of environment

  • While this is the most widely discussed issue associated with variable resources like wind and solar energy, there are many other problems they can create for grid operators.

    FORBES: Duke Energy Bets Big on Better Batteries

  • The NGIPS platform is critical for clean energy, especially variable resources like wind power and solar photovoltaics.

    FORBES: Microgrids: Ten Clean Technologies Needed to Win the Next Naval War

  • In a statement posted to its website, Makani said the deal would "provide Makani with the resources to accelerate our work to make wind energy cost competitive with fossil fuels".

    BBC: Google acquires kite-power generator

  • He believes that conservation of natural resources coupled with alternative energy, such as nuclear, wind, solar, hydrogen, clean coal, biodiesel and biomass, will further help cut oil imports.


  • "It's a tough time these days to get legislation through, " says Wetstone, a former Hill staffer who, prior to joining American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), spent 10 directing advocacy efforts for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

    FORBES: Wind Winds Up

  • The Department of Energy, as part of its efforts to promote clean energy, launched OpenEI.org, containing dozens of clean energy resources and data sets, including maps of worldwide solar and wind potential, information on climate zones, and energy best practices.

    WHITEHOUSE: Share This Post

  • Still, the reality is that modern life demands resources and energy, and even the alternatives such as wind turbines can threaten forests, too.

    WSJ: Northeast drilling boom threatens forest wildlife

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