• Rainbows are also likely here, as this is the wet, windward side of the island.

    WSJ: Take Monday Off: Honolulu

  • Drive up the Windward Coast to the North Shore for surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and windy walks out to Kaena Point.

    BBC: How to choose a Hawaiian island

  • The windward hull flew up into the air and hung, suspended, as the stern of the Swedish boat flashed beneath us.

    FORBES: Ellison Bets On Pure Speed For Next America's Cup

  • If there is more moisture in the air condensing as dew, you might expect to see the effects high up and to windward, on somewhere like Mountain Red Hill.

    ECONOMIST: Ascension Island

  • It seemed to explode all round the ship with an overpowering concussion and a rush of great waters, as if an immense dam had been blown up to windward.

    FORBES: Has Sandy Capsized Your Life? Here's One Thing To Be Thankful For

  • In Thursday's other warm-ups, holders Pakistan were beaten by Zimbabwe after spinner Prosper Utseya took 4-15 in a 12-run victory in St Lucia, while Australia dished out a 101-run thrashing to the Windward Islands.

    BBC: Eoin Morgan leads England to Twenty20 warm-up victory

  • Le Defi was unable to set a spinnaker after rounding the windward mark for the second time, initially because of a broken halyard and then because of problem with the running backstay.

    BBC: GBR Challenge exit

  • Petty Officer Crystal Norman, a Coast Guard spokeswoman, told CNN that most of the Haitians were taken aboard Coast Guard cutters from boats in the Windward Passage, the strait separating Haiti from Cuba.

    CNN: Haitians flee to U.S. in boats

  • Windward coast: coast exposed to wave action.


  • The table for Camp Jacob on the island of Guadeloupe, also in the Leeward Islands, shows that rainfall increases at higher elevations and on the windward slopes exposed to the constant and moist northeast trade winds.

    BBC: Weather - Antigua and Barbuda

  • The plunge-pool-equipped Windward Pavilions are the largest (1, 291 square feet) of Qualia's 60 accommodations, and also lean heavily on views for decoration--floor-to-ceiling windows bring the blue sea in, with a counterpoint of contemporary furniture in similar shades.

    FORBES: Lifestyle Feature

  • Murray said Simpson was on a trampoline on the windward side of the yacht with crew members and got trapped under some solid sections of the catamaran, out of sight to those on board who were looking for him.

    NPR: America's Cup Fatality Raises Safety Questions

  • Windward: side facing the wind.


  • Felix is expected to continue on this track over the next 24 hours, which would take away from the southern Windward Islands later this morning and near the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao late Saturday or early Sunday, the NHC said.

    CNN: The CNN Wire: Saturday, September 1

  • One is that by comparing the results from 2005 with results from trips to the Windward Isles in different years, the team has shown that the size of the sink changes markedly over time, which is not what previous studies of sinks have assumed.

    ECONOMIST: Climate change

  • Or will they serve as an anchor to windward for their party's most senior legislators, perhaps by threatening to more robust security policy approaches on a bipartisan basis with what will, hopefully, prove to be a more dynamic, principled and effective Republican caucus now in the minority of at least one house of Congress (and possibly both)?


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