• Their Westminster wipe-out only occurred in 1997, long after Margaret Thatcher left office.

    BBC: Margaret Thatcher - The quintessentially English PM

  • If a stronghold like that can go, what kind of a wipe-out could be on the cards at the next general election?

    BBC: Eastleigh by-election: What the result means

  • The most famous mass wipe-out was the loss of the dinosaurs.

    BBC: Why such a fuss about extinction?

  • Clearly, this was due to the wipe-out of speculators on margin who were not buying silver as a monetary reserve, but as a risky trade.

    FORBES: Silver Down 30%, Gold Off 11% As Panic Hits Precious Metals

  • However, it now looks like RIMM might be able to avoid a complete August wipe-out as the new Bold Touch is poised to ship 2-3 weeks earlier than anticipated in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

    FORBES: RIMM: Will Wide Bold 9900 Launch Save The August Quarter?

  • Here again in 2011-2012, the crisis proved good for gold at first, but the whole move has been unwound as global credit deflation sucked the air out of gold futures and options, and wipe-out losses in other assets forced even true believers to quit their positions.

    FORBES: Gold Erases Last Summer's Gains But Don't Count It Out

  • As for services, a new generation of easy-connection software like Sun Microsystems Jini might wipe out low- end systems integrators in a blink.

    FORBES: Digital rules

  • In other words, a single Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarine can wipe out an entire medium-size country.

    FORBES: The Submarine That Might Save America

  • Duke broke open what had been a close game by outscoring Cornell (14-6) 7-1 in the third quarter to wipe out a 5-2 deficit.

    WSJ: Duke beats Cornell to advance to lacrosse final

  • Bendtner - heavily criticised after a succession of misses in Saturday's win against Burnley - scored twice in the first half to wipe out the 2-1 lead Porto were protecting from the first game in Portugal.

    BBC: Arsenal 5-0 Porto (6-2)

  • That brings me to the second momentous conclusion of Mr Fisher's admission that a 6.5% drop in residency can wipe out profits - which is that (many would argue) it is far too risky a basis to run a company charged with looking after the welfare of 31, 000 vulnerable elderly people.

    BBC: NHP controls fate of Southern Cross

  • According to the Bank of England's analysis, if every single one of those countries went bust and wrote off 50% of their sovereign debt, banking debt and non-bank private-sector debt, that would wipe out around half the capital in the UK banking system - which is another way of saying that, in theory, the majority of our banks would limp on.

    BBC: Why UK banks are not immune to eurozone woes

  • She asked whether he was in My Lai when U.S. soldiers were ordered to wipe out the village -- unarmed civilians, including women and children.

    CNN: A daughter faces demons of father's war

  • They got in after rallying for an extra-inning victory over the San Diego Padres in a one-game tiebreaker, and then proceeded to wipe out the Philadelphia Phillies in three straight opening-round games.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • We can see that regardless of why our own mate left, there was nothing about it that should wipe out our self-esteem and there wasn't necessarily anything we could have done that would have saved our relationship.

    CNN: We care that Aniston's getting married. Why?

  • Most reports from inside the country indicate the regime is slaughtering civilians to wipe out dissidents seeking al-Assad's ouster.

    CNN: Annan: Syrians 'want to get on with their lives'

  • Reports from Syrian opposition activists suggest government forces are slaughtering civilians in an attempt to wipe out dissidents seeking al-Assad's ouster.

    CNN: Syria suggests it might not withdraw forces by deadline

  • It's then hard to imagine how the world's biggest retailers will wipe out the small mom-and-pop stores, which work to an organized chaos that few inventory-keeping systems can mimic.


  • D. in plant virology from the University of Bath in the U.K. in 1991, she tried various conventional hybridization techniques to outbreed the viruses that wipe out the otherwise drought-resistant and energy-rich tuber.

    FORBES: Millions Served

  • Sharif could continue to protect Punjab at the expense of the country, or he could be bold and help the military wipe out the Pakistani Taliban -- either way, he still loses a little.


  • The resulting business, with its higher debts, would pay very little or zero corporation tax, because the interest on the debt was deductible from profits - and would therefore wipe out any taxable corporation tax.

    BBC: The financial lessons of Southern Cross

  • The Syrian regime has consistently blamed "armed terrorist groups" for violence in Syria, but most reports from inside the country suggest the government is pummeling neighborhoods in an attempt to wipe out dissidents seeking al-Assad's ouster.

    CNN: Violence rages in Syria despite high-level diplomacy

  • Drew Goddard, who wrote Cloverfield and penned "Cabin in the Woods" with Joss Whedon, had drafted a script for the story, in which a high-functioning artificial intelligence turns against mankind and wages all-out war to wipe us off the planet.


  • And you might wipe out the entire preceding 24-hour period, not just the bad stuff.

    FORBES: Oblivion in a Pill

  • Looking to wipe out memories of a 5-1 weekend domestic league thrashing by Zaragoza, Real took the lead through Raul Gonzalez.

    BBC: Real come good

  • The aid to Colombia is old-fashioned American assistance to wipe out a force that has no place in the modern world.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • Has it -- is it able to wipe out 8 million jobs lost as a consequence of the recession which we inherited?

    WHITEHOUSE: Vice President Biden on Congressman Barton��s Apology to BP

  • But, according to a study by two economists, Joachim Ragnitz and Marcel Thum, such a wage imposed across the economy would wipe out 1.1m low-wage jobs 3% of employment in western Germany and more than 6% in the east, where productivity is lower.

    ECONOMIST: Pay in Germany

  • The only logical remedy for that problem, he and others have said, is to dispose of those ballots altogether--a move that would wipe out Bush's lead in the state but also would disenfranchise thousands of voters and would therefore run counter to the Gore team's overriding strategy.

    CNN: latimes.com: Anxious Christopher sounds conciliatory notes

  • It does not take much depreciation to wipe out an annual yield of 3-4% a year.

    ECONOMIST: Why are both Treasury bonds and gold performing so well?

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