• It's sort of this velvety, smooth, world-weary voice that seems to be untouched by time.

    NPR: Dylan's Legacy Keeps Growing, Cover By Cover

  • He chews on a bamboo shoot and eyes us with world-weary boredom, as if we were tiresome in-laws.

    FORBES: On The Cover/Top Stories

  • The world-weary argue that greenery was merely a convenient cloak beneath which a cash-strapped government could levy a few more taxes.

    ECONOMIST: The revolution that wasn't

  • World-weary French commentators sometimes maintain that only smaller, more homogenous countries, such as Ireland, Finland, Denmark or the Netherlands can reform.

    ECONOMIST: European politics

  • My college boyfriend and I pulled into the parking lot of the tackiest motel we could find and prepared our world-weary smirks.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Inventing Niagara'

  • Normally, allegations against politically connected financiers elicit little more than world-weary sighs.

    ECONOMIST: The Stanford affair

  • Only a 14 mile ferry ride off the coast of surf-haven Montauk, NY, the island welcomes world-weary travelers a place of refuge.

    FORBES: Visit Block Island: "A Last Great Place"

  • Neither company is pitching from a position of dominance, which it would have done in previous eras, but rather one of world-weary self interest.


  • There is a laconic, world-weary protagonist in the person of Inky Lautner, whose negotiation of his urban underworld works as a sort of noir bildungsroman.

    FORBES: Jewish Action Heroes: A Review of Neal Pollack's 'Jewball'

  • And he probably looked pretty cool dragging from it, too, conveying desperation as he inhaled deeply and world-weary satisfaction as he exhaled a cloud of carcinogen-filled smoke.

    FORBES: Nicotine Addiction And The Birth Of Modern Medicine

  • Day-Lewis gives us a stooped, world-weary president at once deeply passionate about doing what is right and willing to cheat and bend the law as he sees fit.

    FORBES: Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' Lives Up To The Hype

  • Take a Portuguese guitar, a soulful singer and a generous dollop of tender, world-weary melancholy and you have fado: the music that has been the soundtrack to Lisbon life for centuries.

    BBC: Nine culture-filled weekends in Europe

  • John Cusack brings an affecting, lightly parodistic ardor to the role of a romantic, prematurely world-weary student the kind of character who could have thought up this cockeyed pessimist of a movie.

    NEWYORKER: Shadows and Fog

  • Even the Poles, who take America's commitment to liberty much more seriously than their world-weary western European neighbours, complain that Mr Bush has been too soft with Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, over Chechnya.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • Pacino's looking his age at last, but it suits his world-weary Dormer to a tee, Hilary Swank makes good use of what would be a throwaway support role in any other thriller, and Robin Williams?

    BBC: Insomnia: Your views

  • It makes sense that Bachmann's remarkable new To the Races marks his first conventional album as a solo act: Shedding the prickly remoteness that has made him an acquired taste, he crafts a spare collection that pairs his gruff, world-weary lyrics with a newfound approachability.

    NPR: Touring the World, but Always Lost

  • The inquisitions and pogroms, wars and revolutions, famines and despots and extremism that have scarred Europe for millennia explain why Europeans still look at the world with a weary eye, are suspicious of all-knowing religions and ideologies, and are reluctant to get involved in foreign military adventures.

    WSJ: Gareth Harding: Europe Reborn

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