• "People can look at things and be curious about them, but if you are an explorer you want to know why and how and maybe develop an experiment to test the hypothesis."

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  • For reading, if you are really curious about some of this early history, I can recommend this book. It is "Mendeleev's Dream."


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  • you're not sure and you're curious about something.


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  • Maybe it was because it was filling in gaps in my knowledge-- things I've always wanted to know and was always curious about.


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  • and they often provide the key to somehting He's curious about that.


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  • s So this is the 1 s, you can look it up if you're interested 5s for the 2 s, or 3 s, or 5 s, or whatever you're curious about.


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  • People are just really curious about things.


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  • So, the curious thing about recursion is that pretty much always can you implement this idea of doing the same thing again and again and again but with smaller bytes each time.


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  • Because I'm sort of curious as to, again, which is the right way to think about this, And then, I'm going to just call it.


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  • Then that curious true man's responsibility in Jewish tradition we talked about that both in terms of not wasting resources and in terms of not destroying natural areas that they are kind of independent from being resources.


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  • I guess it struck the author of that article that Redleaf is just a guy who was very curious about a lot of things.


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  • I'm curious what impression you've got from the documentary about Welles.


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  • The second question was about China and there was a special report in the recent Economist talking about the ravenous appetite that China has for natural resources right now. I was curious what you ? thought the effect that would have on global financial ? markets and your investing strategy?


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