• But a person who threw a curve ball did something unexpected.

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  • the total amount of the work that we can get out is just given by the area inside this curve.


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  • I think it's always a learning curve,


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  • The shiny,steel curve rises to almost two hundred meters.

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  • The risk tolerance curve for the tens of thousands of people that we needed to hire, you just couldn't quite get them.


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  • "In my book I call this the empathy bell curve. And part of what I'm exploring in the book is what determines where an individual scores on this empathy bell curve.

    VOA: special.2011.08.10

  • And when we do that we can see this curve, this probability curve, where we have a maximum probability of finding the electron this far away from the nucleus.


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  • Mhle says businesses that adopt practices like these are ahead of the curve and that the business climate is changing.

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  • If I had taken as my interpolation scheme, my white curve here, I could go to infinity and have the equivalent of absolute zero being at infinity, minus infinity.


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  • But the United States, which is the largest provider, "is lagging a little bit behind the curve of good practice in food aid."

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  • This curve here with the square shows you how many millions of vaccine doses were distributed across the U.S.


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  • It was a huge learning curve for both of us."

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  • At any instant, your motion, if it follows any curve, locally can be approximated as being part of some circle.


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  • "One of the things we need to start doing is to get ahead of the curve by trying to anticipate additional methods that can be used against us and closing the gaps before those gaps are exploited,"

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  • Right, I'm hoping I the grades in order, otherwise it's going to ruin my curve at the end of the year.


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  • I should be able to do nice bell-shaped curves, but it's harder than it looks standing up here; so that's your bell-shaped curve.


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  • And we can just extrapolate in a straight line We before saw some examples where I had an algorithm to generate points, and we fit a curve to it, used the curve to predict future points and discovered it was nowhere close.


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  • That's the way we do it, no grading on a curve.


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  • The course is not FYI graded on the curve.


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  • you would see something like this,a curve, a very simple shape.


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  • Now we're going to compare high glycemic index foods with low glycemic index foods, and so the curve of blood sugar with high glycemic index foods, those that create an exaggerated blood sugar response over a period of time might look like this.


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  • So the velocity at any part of the curve is tangent to the curve at that point.


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  • So we have the monopoly quantity here, and we have the competitive here, and in between what does this best response curve look like?


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  • The work in this step is just the area under this curve.


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  • The curve includes points on it, which would represent the initial assets.


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  • That limit will be some arrow we can call the velocity at the time and it will always be tangent to the curve.


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  • It's a bell-shaped curve that looks about like that.


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  • So the normal--the bell-shaped curve in that case for the x/n is going to look something like this.


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  • If it's a reversible process, we know the work is the area under the curve.


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  • Then he knows it's going to go up, it's going to curve, follow some kind of parabola, then his hands go there to receive it.


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