• Rochelle Thompson, an African American woman did not know Horne personally, but credited her with inspiring her own, more humble singing career.

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  • The hymn, what Milton calls the "humble ode," that follows this introduction is the poem that Milton wants to present to the Lord.


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  • I know I should be humble, but I'm so handsome that everybody stares.


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  • I like that. I like finding a place in the world that's small,that's humble.

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  • What happened to him, I mean why does he all of a sudden ? become so humble and acquiescent?


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  • "Wayne just a very humble hero in this area."

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  • See how from far upon the Eastern road The Star-led wizards haste with odors sweet: O run, prevent them with thy humble ode, And lay it lowly at His blessed feet.


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  • Being on the ocean also taught Heller to be humble.

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  • And my own belief is when you are not in command ; when you are humble before the thing; frankly, only then, is anything of any interest is going to happen in the arts.


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  • "He is an imam and I am a rabbi and we are both simply teachers humble before God,' "Hopefully,helping others to stop along the way, so that we can find out how strong we really are when we simply work together."

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  • This is my humble drawing to indicate discrete sodium chlorine pairs.


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  • He was born in relatively meager and humble circumstances in Kentucky, not what, about 80 miles from where Abraham Lincoln was born, in even meagerer circumstances.


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  • Are they also more open-minded, more humble?


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  • Tal This is not only extraordinary that he is sharing his time with us, but he's actually moved here back, moved his family back from Israel for the entire semester,-- his wife and his two little children just so he can teach this class with us.


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  • But it's almost as if Milton were tempted now to make himself go even further back, to write a humble ode that he could place at the feet of the Creator, the Creator at the moment of the actual creation of the entire universe.


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  • We'll talk about humble in a minute, but I'm interested now in the word prevent, which for me is really the central word of this remarkable stanza.


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  • And he tries to "prevent" them with his humble ode.


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  • They don't ask you to just be humble and throw yourself on the ground and consider yourself as nothing compared to the god,or the gods.


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  • So if you go back to Eisenhower, for instance, he said anyone who had seen the sacrifice and the blood of his friends has got to be humble, has got to understand humility, s something so much larger than we are.


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  • with thy humble ode," he's also saying that the wise men should be prevented from making it to the manger at all, that somehow the wise men need to be headed off at the pass and precluded from presenting any gifts to the Infant God that may compete with the so-called humble ode of John Milton.


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  • What you should try to do is to be humble.


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  • And one of the things I pointed out is that the people in our history, who have been the most humble, have been our Generals and our Presidents, and until this one who fought wars.


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