• The U.N.refugee agency says the end of this repatriation will mark the conclusion of a UNHCR operation that began in 1989.

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  • Well, that's the case only, I say in conclusion, if we can distinguish between meaning and significance.


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  • There are so many other constructs like loops and conditions and such, so what I thought we do in conclusion today is look at this program.


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  • The rank-and-file members of the Green Movement, they have reached the unfortunate conclusion that now that the regime cannot be reformed in a peaceful way, we have to pursue other means.

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  • So in conclusion, we certainly hope that the title of Christopher Reeve's second book is actually possible.


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  • And in conclusion he imagines giving up that terrific drive towards imagination and idealization and a return to the "rag and bone shop of the heart."


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  • And,in conclusion,the state becomes the new ways that patronage,economic,financial, cultural,political,is dispensed.


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  • And Hobbes draws from this startling conclusion, in many ways the infamous conclusion that the sovereign can never act unjustly.


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  • But when you look a little more closely at this conclusion, I think you realize that Milton's heaven is almost as invested in the human body as Milton's earth had been.


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  • He reasoned then that the charge, since he could vary voltage continuously but got a discontinuous variation in velocity, his conclusion was that the charge must be discontinuously attached to the droplet.


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  • In an 1850s anti-slavery speech she said, among other things, this conclusion in effect, she's answer the question now, "Why has slavery boomed and persisted and grows still?"


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  • Scholars tend to place great emphasis on the deliverance from Egypt as the high point in the Exodus narrative, rather than the more natural literary climax, which is the conclusion of the covenant at Mount Sinai, and the delivery of the Torah.


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  • He's come to the conclusion that over 90% of the variability of returns in institutional portfolios is attributable to asset allocation and that's the number that I think most people hear cited when they are looking at Roger Ibbotson's work.


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  • The conclusion reached in Book Three is that God has foreknowledge but he isn't interested in actual predetermination or some type of divine action that literally compels the behavior of human creatures.


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  • There then follows in that last section a kind of comic conclusion where the poet chooses to side with Homer, and implicitly with poetry, against the theologian Von Hugel who's a kind of comic figure at the end there.


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  • Apollo had touched Milton in a way that I think we can actually measure by the end of this poem because Milton at the conclusion of Lycidas seems to have assumed the authority of Apollo.


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  • The inevitable conclusion that I reach and I believe any sensible reader of Aristotle would reach is that Aristotle in fact discovered the American Constitution 1 500 or 2 000 years before it was written.


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