• What's up, Arizona? Huh? How you liking the rain, girl?

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  • But there's a lot of evidence that similarity, above and beyond proximity, has an effect on attractiveness and on liking.


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  • But... I feel like the episode I saw of "The Big Bang Theory" was about them all liking comic books.


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  • But the legislation is not to everyone's liking. John VandeBerg, director of the Southwest National Primate Research Center in San Antonio,Texas, says the use of chimpanzees in biomedical research is essential.

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  • In other words, yeah, I still like it or don't like it, - but my liking has nothing to do either with desire or with approval-- moral, political, or however the case may be.


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  • You'd like Jacksonville, baby. Yeah? I'm really liking Forks.

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  • If you are high empathy, you're more likely to be a nice person than if you're low empathy, suggesting there is some connection between empathetic feeling and liking.


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  • And it's a useful pattern when you want to express that your feelings have been hurt or that you're not liking something,


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  • All right, so how many think The Simpsons is actually, apart from liking it, is actually the higher experience?


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  • When it does happen, and it happens too often for my liking, the students just get a zero.


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  • Because it will allow you to express strong feelings about not liking something or not wanting something.


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  • In order to communicate better about fear or not liking something.


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  • Familiarity is itself a desire for liking, a force for liking.


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  • And this is called the Pratfall Effect, that our liking for the competent person grows when they make a mistake, when they do something embarrassing, when they have a failure experience. Okay?


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  • People exposed to death primes become more nationalistic, more patriotic, less forgiving of other people, less liking of other races and people from other countries.


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  • And this is an issue I'm going to talk about now but I'm going to return to next week when we deal with issues such as liking and disliking, racial prejudice and other things.


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  • They weren't liking doing this.


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  • The finding, which is not a subtle finding, is that liking goes up in the three group and liking goes down in the ten group.


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  • In fact, I'm going to show you a movie of Little Albert originally liking rats.


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  • So, cognitive dissonance will lead you then to think that what you are giving it up for has some value and then you establish a liking for it.


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  • So, some of this, our liking of other people, is obvious and we talked about it in Dean Salovey's lecture, we talked about it when we talked about sexual attractiveness.


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