• The track "Ebb and Flow." featuring Tia's friend and mentor Christian McBride on bass, taps into her philosophical nature.

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  • The two brothers in the mask engaged in that philosophical debate about the force, or the strength, of virginity.


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  • It might be darkness. It might be spirit. Or in ancient Greek religion, a more sort of philosophical polytheism, it might be fate.


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  • Hailu says he plans to make next May's election about core philosophical issues, such as the government's control of the country's land resources.

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  • her brothers were eleven and nine: unusually young actors, we might think, to be engaged in such high-flying philosophical debates as these two characters find themselves in.


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  • Nancy Dlamini, a 22-year-old student from Swaziland, thought Jackson was an icon who would never die but she is philosophical about his passing.

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  • And the answer--the short answer--is, Socrates, the character Socrates in the play, represents Plato, the author of the play's, philosophical views.


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  • The comments came in a rather philosophical address to the Clinton Global Initiative.

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  • Remember, the Apology viewed the dangers posed to philosophy and the philosopher and the philosophical life from the city.


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  • I want to make another, slightly more philosophical remark associated with this and it's to do with the idea of "Leadership."


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  • It's a remarkable book called Living High and Letting Die that refers to a more broad philosophical issue that we have.


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  • They're usually addressed to groups of people, and they deal with sort of philosophical sounding issues, and they give advice on group problems.


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  • And you'll be reading in 3 philosophical film makers a 78-page chapter on Orson Welles who is one of my great heroes.


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  • but I'd like to argue today that this is not just a philosophical question,this is a scientific question.


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  • This is a broad, philosophical, partly scientific view of what people might eat, and it's not a bad set of rules to follow.


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  • And there was a certain view that has had behind it a tremendous philosophical and psychological consensus.


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  • This is philosophical, as a lot of this physics should be.


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  • But that raises a third philosophical question: What is the moral work that consent does?


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  • Is it a psychological one? Is it a philosophical one?


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  • It's something that the philosophical position sacrifices.


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  • That is to say, plays, in which various characters sit around or stand around and argue about philosophical positions.


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  • He wants to replace that with a new kind of, I want to call it rational citizenship, philosophical citizenship.


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  • With the demise of Rome, in the early Christian centuries, these philosophical academies, these philosophical schools, were absorbed into the medieval monasteries.


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  • It's an argument that doesn't seem to have any empirical premises; it works from purely armchair philosophical reflection.


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  • The purpose of that dialogue, of that philosophical work, is to argue for the immortality of the soul.


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  • The very presence in a theatrical piece of a long and weighty philosophical debate like this one could easily be seen as having a pretty tedious effect.


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  • Theodicy is the term coined by the eighteenth-century philosopher Leibniz, and he applied this term theodicy to just that kind of philosophical sentiment that's implied by its etymology.


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  • This, in turn, spawned other philosophical schools throughout the Greek world and later, the Roman world.


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  • Israel's acceptance of a relationship with God doesn't stem from mystical introspection, or philosophical speculation, Levenson says.


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  • That's a great idea except for the fact that you just wrecked the philosophical point.


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