• A textile is a piece of cloth that has been formed by weaving, knitting,pressing or knotting together individual pieces of fiber.

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  • I was strucked by what I found in the New York Times December 8th, a piece writen by an army officer.


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  • Genre" Is simply a fancy word for "Type" Or "Kind" so what genre of piece is this by Beethoven?


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  • His idea for the original drawing came from a piece of music by the English composer Ralph Vaughn-Williams.

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  • Well I ought to be able to do that by simply generalizing the loop. And that's what the next piece of code on your a hand out shows you.


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  • "This is actually a really cool piece. It's done by the Rosete-Aranda Company.

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  • Now as I mentioned, the title of this piece was originally A Mask Presented at Ludlow Castle, and it seems actually to have been known by the reading public by this title for a good hundred years or so.


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  • "A Piece of Red Calico" was written by Frank Stockton.

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  • So if you can have a piece of paper here, and you fold it 41 times by the end of the class, you can reach the moon.


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  • This is our government. It is a government of the people, by the people and for the people, and the by the people piece needs to get back into it."

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  • You shouldn't be able to hear very much either, and it mustn't have been too delightful to breathe out of the thing, although your nose is free, but it's covered by a nose piece.


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  • This then leads to a very different discussion because A play is not a piece of text. A play is a living thing That is meant to be performed by actors in a particular setting. Different actors with different directors interpret the words of Shakespeare to the best. We can construct those words differently.


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  • So it is a very thin and quick move, one on a second, by which I mean that one electrode, one set of neurons is the a very important piece of the puzzle, but not all that you need.


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  • Scratch The syntax actually looks reminiscent to Scratch, where you have a puzzle piece reminiscent of this shape, but you have to say "if" followed by a space, followed by in parenthesis, the Boolean expression that you want to check -- more on those in a moment.


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  • And I think this is best illustrated by giving you a simple little piece of code.


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  • Yeah, this piece by Richard Strauss with this funny sounding German name.


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  • Computing square root. I'm going to capture it in a piece of code, I'm going to be able to refer to it by a name, and I'm going to suppress the details, meaning inside of that computation, you don't need to know what it does. You just need to know, if I give it the right kind of input, it'll give me back an input that satisfies the contract that I set up.


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  • Please choose a rhythm for excerpt one you can choose rhythm A which is or you could choose rhythm B So I'm about to play a piece. It's by Chopin.


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  • It's a piece by Maurice Ravel called Bolero.


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  • It's another piece by Richard Strauss.


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  • So this is a piece by Strauss where he's trying to resurrect the content, or mirror the content, of a philosophical novel by Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and it's about the unleashing of human capacity as it comes forth from the primordial earth here.


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  • So what we want to do now is to begin to think about counting measures, and we're going to do this by staying with this piece of Louis Armstrong here, and we need to be able to count measures so that we can figure out the syntax of music.


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