• It is really just a look at alcohol, how it affects students, how it can be a detriment to their progression as a student."

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  • If animals get a similar disease then you can learn about that disease progression in much more detail in the animal.


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  • It sort of mapped out his progression on how he became a director, his thought processes.


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  • "There are many trials going on now," "We're actually looking at new drugs both to improve symptoms, but also to modify the disease, essentially to slow the progression.

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  • Or what - and often it's not going to be just one gene, it's going to be combinations of genes, and how do you predict the fate of the individual based on all of the genes that you know to be involved in progression of a certain disease.


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  • And in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries this progression was viewed as an advance, which is not very surprising because the whole theory was put forward by scholars who were basically western monotheists.


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  • So it was just a natural progression really because I've lived here for quite a while.


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  • So finding spaces... -Yes What do you think... What kind of progression do you expect a student to have for their four years here?


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  • So his was a progression out of a very poor, Southern childhood, from a black family led by a single mother, to the circles in which Gertrude Stein moved in Paris.


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  • so you can sort of follow the progression of the instruments they use.


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  • We've heard I guess it was Badly Drawn Boy--Boys there with a two-chord chord progression.


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  • Let's move to a four-chord chord progression.


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  • What is a chord progression?


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  • If I said "chord progression"--I think we have that term up on the board today.


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  • Now we're going to hear Beach Boys, IV I guess,with a three-chord chord progression and it's going to be sub-dominant , V dominant , I tonic .


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  • Now the cadence is --cadence is simply the end of a musical phrase, particularly in this case the end of a chord progression, where we are at a point of arrival; the cadence brings us to a point of arrival.


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  • Yeah. Well,not just the chord progression but also the structure of the piece.


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  • Anybody want to do--what's your understanding of what a chord progression is?


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  • Well,what I'd like to do now is move here to a couple of additional pieces, and we're going to use an example of pop music now with a three-chord chord progression.


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  • Let's go on now to talk about chord progression.


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  • So we've got a chord progression.


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  • Okay. Now watch what happens as we continue with this I,VI,IV,V,I progression.


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  • Okay. So that's the "Duke of Earl" progression: the basic I,VI,IV,V,I.


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  • I don't really care what key he's in 'cause I don't have absolute pitch, but I can find well, maybe it's a I,VI,IV,V,I chord progression or a I, I IV V I V,I progression or I,IV,V,I.


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