• Her first job was to write a series of programs called Romance Under the Waters. The series was broadcast on radio for a year.

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  • There had been a half century that had passed since any great modern epic or romance epic had even been produced.


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  • And then there's the possibility of romance with someone she meets there.


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  • Yet in later years he developed the failed romance into an interesting situation for "Peanuts."

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  • It is not to be found in Miss Jessie Weston's book on ritual and romance.


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  • "We are all out here to show that we are in a bad romance with the Obama administration, with the government.

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  • This is just an acronym that you still see and use today, though there were newer systems that are more expressive for other languages, non-romance languages.


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  • It actually started a couple of years ago with the first film adapted from the wildly popular Twilight romance novels written by Stephanie Meyer.

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  • Dante and Milton had mythologies, Shakespeare the characters of English history, of traditional romance is more type than man, more passion than type.


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  • The question is, with only 140 characters and thoroughly modern slang, has the romance been lost?

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  • They are steeped in the entire literary tradition of the underworld journey that stretches from The Odyssey of Homer up through Virgil's Aeneid, and of course up through all of the Renaissance romance epics.


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  • It can relate to a lot of people on a lot of levels and a lot of my girlfriends like it because of the romance."

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  • And his structural device that he mingles with the romance, on the one hand, and the flurry of the elements of thriller on the other hand.


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  • Each week,the show took them - and viewers - on an emotional and mind-bending roller coaster ride, through a dizzying loop of supernatural forces, armed conspirators and,of course,romance."

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  • Women want to dream about romance and adventure.


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  • but she has not had the best of luck in the romance department and, with her biological clock ticking away, she has decided the "right guy" may never show up.

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  • Well,for our purposes,the romance isn't crucial.


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  • and the Canadian-born comedian-actor calls it one of the most satisfying roles of his career: "The first time I saw it with an audience,the line 'but you are beautiful to me' got a gasp from the crowd who were so into the romance and the heart of it."

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  • If you like action, don't watch a romance.


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  • It can endow his daily experience with a kind of romance.


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  • This activity in a wonderful homely way is a version of romance quest.


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  • The form of this mask is that of the romance.


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  • it's a tool from romance quest.


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  • Merritt Hughes usefully notes this in one of the notes at the bottom of the page, that Milton in that line, "things unattempted yet in Prose or Rhyme," Milton's actually alluding to the opening of another romance epic.


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  • They wanted their romance."


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  • The romance heroine is often threatened with rape, but by her cleverness or by good luck or a concatenation of forces ; she can always invariably avert that tragedy; and by the end of the work she can present herself to her future husband as a virgin.


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  • That's romance. That's romantic love.


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  • It's a Hollywood romance.


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  • It's the ottava rima in which all of the great Italian romance epics by poets -- favorite poets of Milton's like Ariosto and Tasso -- had been written.


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  • You've probably heard the phrase "Birds of a feather flock together" and that's true when it comes to romance.


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