• The pastoral elegy is clearly one of the most stylized and most self-consciously artificial of all of the poetic genres.


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  • we have classes that discuss artificial intelligence within the computer science department.


    对于未来的技术 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • So there will be--just I can have artificial hearts, artificial limbs, artificial brains which will get imprinted with the same personality.


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  • Then maybe those new cells you put in would function as a totally natural artificial pancreas.


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  • The Iliad,which is about a war, immediately is a kind of an artificial society put together for the purpose of defeating the Trojans and taking their city.

    伊利亚特 》,作为描述战争的史诗,直接就是一个集合的虚构社会,目的是为了击败特洛伊人并占有他们的城邦

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  • The sovereign is described by Hobbes as an artificial person by which he means the sovereign is the creation of the contract or the covenant that brought this office into being.


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  • pastor The word pastoral comes from the Latin pastor, which literally means "shepherd," and Milton knew perfectly well how artificial his use of the pastoral mode of poetry would seem as well as how out of fashion, how completely outdated, it would seem.


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  • In other words, you might think of it as a kind of artificial, processed, bland, easily consumable version of fate. I really mean that. One of the funny things about that debt to Finnegans Wake is, Finnegans Wake as a book of puns is unreadable.


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  • So our main goal, at least my own passion is artificial intelligence.


    什么是认知科学? - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • So, it's a little bit artificial that we're seeing that zero point there.


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  • Of course, Darwin was not interested in suspicion but he was certainly the founder of ways of thinking about consciousness that are determined, socio-biologically determined: determined in the realm of cognitive science, determined as artificial intelligence, and so on.


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  • or try to develop a paradigm over which artificial intelligence might work,


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  • This is one example of that: this is actually artificial skin.


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  • So biomedical engineers have been working for many years on how to design replacement parts for joints like the hip: the artificial hip is the most well developed of those.


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  • So now somebody can get an artificial hip and they can live for many decades with it and have almost full function of that hip over that period of time.


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  • Problems like the artificial heart are still unsolved, there's still room for innovation, still room to learn from what hasn't worked before, to learn from science, and to design something better.


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  • Lastly, up here, is a picture of a much smaller device, this is actually an artificial heart valve that is made of plastics and metal and can replace the valve inside your heart.


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