• In founding the city, he says, we are not looking to of any one individual or any group but rather to the city as a whole.


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  • But I think it's better to come study here rather than stay in Spain just because of the system again.


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  • Well, that's a rather dramatic example, but the same sort of thing in principle can happen to all of us.


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  • And then, they're proud of it and they insist that I, not inflict, but rather induce you, invite you to do the same thing.


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  • Almost from the beginning, but increasingly during the twenties, they turned their attention to the problems of literary historiography, and they said some rather bracing things about it.


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  • I'm narrowing it down. It's getting a little silly but you know I'm going to really be persistent and just follow the rules here of binary search, rather than jumping to conclusions.


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  • And that's closer, but the interesting answer sociologists come to is it's not so much you develop powerful friends; rather, you develop powerful acquaintances.


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  • Because if someone changes, " the question is no longer "is it possible to change" " but rather "how is it possible to change".


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  • Now, you don't have to buy that and individuals undoubtedly found the strain too much from time to time, but what's interesting, is rather the ideal, the claim, the theory.


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  • But for Hobbes, we enter into society not in order to fulfill or perfect our rational nature, but rather to avoid the greatest evil, namely death or fear of death, at the hands of others.


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  • When you do Sitting Meditations and Buddhism, this medical school teach, you have your eyes open a reminder, that first of all, you don't fall asleep but also to remind you that you are supposed to be engaging the world as you do it, rather than having your eyes closed and isolating yourself.


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  • Once you're doing this on your own, -- especially, for example, on exam 2, which is a ways down the road, you won't be able to look at those steps, so you need to make sure that you can go through them without looking at them, but for now we can look at them as we are actually learning how to draw the Lewis structures, and rather just go through them step-by-step, it's more interesting to do it with an example.


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  • But rather, the best thing I suppose would be to be able to live as long as you wanted.


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  • Rather initially when we started our walk I pointed to a caboose but by pointing to the caboose I picked out a train.


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  • But for all that, the key to the same person could have to do with the personality rather than the sameness of bodies.


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  • Although Freud was very sensitive to the brain basis of behavior, Freud was totally convinced that the method through which to cure disorders like depression and anxiety would not be medication but rather through the sort of talk therapy and insight.


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