• It may not generate high income, but it can make them feel like they're making contributions in one way or another.


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  • So it's like you don't really feel like the broader aspect of university life in Spain whereas here you do.


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  • I don't know a word of Russian, and so I actually try to avoid using the rather well-known Russian equivalents for these terms because I feel like an idiot.


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  • Many of them say it's remarkable that they were never pushed to the point where they want to gun at their classmates, because they feel like they know what kinds of experiences these young boys went through.


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  • But how do you kind of decide this is really what I feel like I wanna do with?


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  • Do we ever escape from his head? You're saying that you don't you didn't feel like you ever could, in the world of this prose.


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  • What does it feel like to be the machine while it's looking at-- while it's got its little light sensors pointed at--the red ball?


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  • I feel like when you live in a society, you'd give up that right.


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  • So I just want, you know, I feel like that experience would be enriched if I, you know, learned the language.


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  • In this way, I feel like can rely on my memory After that, could be on the same line or the next line.


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  • In some ways they kind of feel like, "Okay,I know what the New Testament is, and I already know sort of what I think about it."


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  • And it feel like really this is just one of those like games the magicians play in the square where you are literally moving the cups around accomplishing nothing other than confusion - with the audience but-- which may actually be the case-- but, I argue that this is actually better.


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  • So, yeah, I just, I don't really like having brown hair because I feel like a lot of people have it


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  • Because I feel like a portrait is an answer to a question which is, 'What was this person like?'


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  • So it's kind of... it's nice that you can choose because I feel like you have a better time in class.


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  • It's very like, I feel like it's lots of stone, lots of gray, lots of trench coats, briefcases, fashion,


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