• But vaccines, and particularly in the last hundred years, vaccines have been one of the most important elements in our progress.


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  • Here's one more example, last but not least.


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  • So yet once more -- and I promise this will be one of the last times that we look back at Milton's mask - but yet once more, let's look at Comus.


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  • We're about to start talking about the elements of the language, but to do that, we also need to separate out one last piece of distinction.


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  • But we have one last step which is obviously merge the sorted halves.


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  • One last thing we can think of doing but we have to be a bit careful here, is we can think about changing the payoffs by education.


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  • This is the claim--not that nobody believes they're going to die; that's the one we've been talking about for the last lecture or so--but instead, the claim that everybody dies alone.


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  • There is one last thing I want to know.'" Sal "But dear Sal, you're listening. You are sitting there. We'll ask Sal.


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  • All right, so one thing that I want to point out, which I said many, many times on Friday, and this is perhaps the last time I'll say it, but one last time is we can think about why we only see a line for the 2 p orbital, versus we don't see separate lines for a 2 p x, a 2 p y, and a 2 p z.


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  • So let me expand on that very slightly, and again we did this last time but I want to do one more time. I have to be careful about how I'm actually implementing a list.


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  • So I keep saying I've got one thing hanging, it's the last thing I want to do, but I wanted you see how much of a difference this makes.


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