• We started with gaseous sodium to make gaseous sodium ion and gaseous atomic chlorine to make gaseous chloride ion through electron transfer.


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  • who are just trying to, you know, make it through the, you know, through life.


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  • There have been fundamental changes through time that make the role of the central bank evolve and change through time.


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  • Understand it through research as well as through the search-- through introspection, and then make the best use of it.


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  • Or should we think the fundamental thing is the car extended through time ? and sliced up to make car stages?


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  • So, I'll just fast forward through that, but look the point really I was trying to make, is there anything else inappropriate here?


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  • But it doesn't have to be through philosophy, I think it can be through a wide range of other studies and other activities that you make a difference.


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  • The image we get there is that the Israelites are working their way through the marsh on foot, and the Egyptians' chariot wheels can't make it through the marsh.


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  • If you're wondering what's OK or what's not OK, it's very clearly written out in this handout, so make sure you read through it, because it is your responsibility to make sure that your calculator does not have anything extra programmed in it.


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  • And, one thing I'd like to add to it, and that is, and I told this to my recitation sections that when you do these quizzes, in spite of the fact that it might be trivial in some cases, make sure you carry the units through.


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  • It's about thinking what would make the right ending to this intellectual trajectory, this intellectual narrative that we're going to move through this term: what would make the right ending.


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  • But now, so this is where the refrigeration comes in. So if you take a gas, and you're below the inversion temperature and you make it go through this irreversible process, the gas comes out colder from that side than that side.


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  • So, what happens in the course of development is, you're just trying to make your way through the world and satisfy your desires, but sometimes you're punished for them.


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  • This diagram is supposed to make you think about the intestinal tract, this tube that runs through our bodies and allows us to acquire nutrients from the environment.


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  • So the exceptions are useful when you want to have the ability to say, I expect in general this kind of behavior, but I do know there are some other things that might happen and here's what I'd like to do in each one of those cases. But I do want to make sure that I don't let a value that I'm not expecting pass through.


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  • It did it through banks; they gave the money to banks to make loans to people who were in trouble.


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