• You feel physiologically aroused but you're not completely sure why, and you have to make up an explanation for it.


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  • PROFESSOR: So, does anyone have any questions about the set up here, does it make sense what we're looking for the bar to go back once we make some progress.


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  • I think this will make it a little easier for us, just line up next to each other.


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  • The similes work not to sew everything up but make it impossible for us to maintain anything like the official position on a moral distinction between heavenly good and satanic evil.


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  • And so, what we'd like to know is what does it take for two person stages to make up or be part of the very same extended-through-time person?


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  • Or are you going to say that that will only take us so far, and it's the conditions that are messed up, and we have to do something about the conditions to make it easier for people to make healthier choices?


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  • I mean we haven't, we don't really have a second version which is constantly... So I guess for most of last school year I just worked on scaling and kind of trying to make it keep up with the increasing load and trying to make it so that we can expand more, adding more schools.


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  • We're going to release a lot of energy for bonding, it's going to more than make up for the fact that we actually had to spend some energy to promote that electron.


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  • So here, what I'd like you to do is identify the correct radial probability distribution plot for a 5 s orbital, and also make sure that it matches up with the right number of radial nodes that you would expect.


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