• Not on the basis of simple filling in ascending order, but a modified rate of filling as according to the Aufbau Principle.


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  • So, in order to fill our octet, what we do is put two on the nitrogen and two on the carbon.


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  • God imposes order on the demythologized elements that he finds: Water, but it's just water.


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  • That is to say, we're going to focus on the question of what a poem is, and the question "What criteria should we invoke in order to read it for the best and correctly?"


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  • And so in theory after just 2 or 3 steps you were in order of magnitude farther along in this counting process than I would be because I'd still be on person literally 3 or 4.


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  • The radius of the nucleus as compared to the radius of the entire atom is on the order of about one to 10,000.


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  • The citizen may accept certain beliefs on faith because he or she is attached to a particular kind of political order or regime.


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  • Hmm. Well, wait a minute. If I want to sort a list, I'll take one element, I've got to look at probably a lot of the other elements in the list in order to decide where it goes. And that suggests it's going to depend on how long the list is.


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  • The problem is you've got to make hundreds of millions of doses sometimes in order to have an effect on progress of the disease.


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  • Now, if you have never seen that Prisoner's Dilemma, you can see it pretty much every night on a show called Law & Order.


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  • So now it's not just that the on-off switch is stuck in off, the brain's no longer capable of engaging in these higher order P-functions.


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  • We had inflation rates in the United Kingdom on the order of 20% a year and people were asking ? what is going on in the UK?


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  • So you should look at it and order it on your own.


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  • I needed about an half hour ahead start on him in the office in order to be sufficiently prepared to visit with him which I did every morning shortly after he arrived.


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  • But also people used to bribe the priests, in order to get moved up on the front on line, and they would also give great and beautiful gifts to the temple people and to the temple,and to the priest.


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  • So, let's say we're talking about the baseball, have a wavelength of the baseball that's on the order of the baseball.


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