• So the reasons for this really enormous shift in plans, and the enormous shift in subject matter, are worth exploring.


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  • who shift the pendulum,who focus more on their strength, are not only happier,they are also,on the long run, more successful.


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  • So, ideally what we did see was, in fact, it does have enough energy with the UV lamp, it wasn't a dramatic shift you saw because we didn't start very high and then it went to that stuck point.


    麻省理工公开课 - 化学原理课程节选

  • So the Paiddeia is precisely about that formation of changing and shift from the superficial to the substantial.


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  • What we see as a result of Heisenberg is the shift from deterministic models.


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  • And this is one way of doing it but they'll alternate and they'll give you different ones to shift around and everything.


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  • A-Yes, so this is what you mean by the parodying shift that we need, A-desperately need in our foreign policy B-Yes.


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  • Of course, with large-scale industrialization, which begins in the middle of the eighteenth century, you'll see this dramatic shift up to the north.


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  • Now, we're going to go onto the shift to major here, another little clip.


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  • Now I'd like to shift heels.


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  • Other people have suggested climatic shift.


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  • It's as if this celestial laser beam were designed so as to actually shift the atomic structure of the pure corporeal frame of the virgin's body until that body is so rarefied, so pure and ethereal, that it's nothing but soul.


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  • Several large animal species had disappeared so people had to find other animals and so this changed from going to find animals to domesticating animals, and shift from collection of plants to production of plants.


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  • So we're very focused on, first of all, the cloud and what's in the servers and storage that people access when they go online, what are all the new devices that are coming online, and how do we shift our business to anticipate that and prepare for it?


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  • Well, it's a prefix most of the symbols in this function with just an asterisk, with a * from the keyboard so Shift-8.


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  • This is what I love about the first part of Genesis God is trying to figure out what he has made and what he has done, and he's got to shift modes all the time and God realizes that he's going to have to make a concession.


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