• If we have a high frequency, what about the wavelength, long or short? All right. Good. So we should always be able to keep these relationships in mind.


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  • But there seems to be as much, if not maybe a bit more work in terms of part-time and short-term jobs.


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  • There's a Midterm. That will be a short answer test that's intended to give you a chance to show how diligently you've been reading and coming to class.


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  • There is a book review, a short book review, to be written towards near the end of the class.


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  • You know, and within a very short amount of time be able to do a lot of things that that person may never be able to do.


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  • They said five years is too short--it's got to be longer -they said fifteen years.


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  • Gadamer acknowledges this, even insists on it as I say, but he doesn't lay stress on it because the gap that is implied in the need to be pulled up short is not a big one.


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  • So, in short, there seems to be a plan afoot.


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  • He seems to be offering nothing short of a comprehensive revolution, transformation.


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  • You wait a short amount of time, it goes to a new location, What can that be?


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  • So among your printout from Wednesday, if you have it, you have a file called math1.c. If you don't have this, the programs are short today, so it should be easy enough to follow along visually, but a PDF and the actual source code is available online for these things.


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  • Defamiliarization" means precisely pulling you up short or taking you by surprise, making you feel that what you thought was going to be the case or what you thought was the state of affairs is not the state of affairs.


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  • You'll probably remember that he says early in the essay that in order to recognize that we are in the presence of something that isn't merely within our own historical horizon, we need to be "pulled up short."


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  • So I introduced Hirsch in that context, and now I want to go back to him a little bit and I want to work with two passages which I have sent you all in e-mail-form and which I have neglected to put on the board, but they're so short I don't think that will be necessary.


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  • Although, maybe it will be in a short period of time as we continue to grow.


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  • The other thing that I mentioned last time was that there seems to be a really big difference between the expected return on the stock market and the expected return on short-term debt.


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  • The question was whether we were looking to take more short positions as the economy appears to be moving into recession and I guess the second part of the question was how do you remain bullish in this kind of environment.


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