• Where is my clearest vantage point?'" "Now when we go in it's, 'Which table has the least crumbs under it?

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  • I'm not sure where it is now but it has done very well.


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  • It's quite trendy now. It's where the Olympic Games is going to happen,


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  • He says,for now,it is a matter of getting them into the program, not where they might go when the graduate.

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  • But now, hopefully, we understand where that comes from, why it is that we use the shorthand notation.


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  • And of course I want to go to Afghanistan, now it's where all the action is."

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  • We're going to focus now on some passages where we can do it, and we're going to see how Beethoven is setting up some chord progressions here.


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  • Expatriate staff and their families have now been evacuated to the capital,Libreville, where Total says they will remain until it is safe to return to Port Gentil.

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  • Phoenicia was located where Lebanon is now, and it goes back to maybe the tenth century, maybe the ninth, and it was powerful.


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  • to the place where it all began for Michael Jackson. The small home where he grew up not far from downtown Gary is now a shrine to the late singer and his family.

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  • The flip side is there are going to be a couple of lectures now where it is not going to be on the test, so I think you will deal with it.


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  • It also tells you that if you compress the spring, compress it means x is now-- x is measured from this position, where the spring is neither compressed nor expanded.

    它还能告诉你,如果压缩弹簧,压缩就意味着现在 x...,x 是从这个位置开始算的,在这个位置弹簧既没有压缩也没有伸长

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  • It's one that we'll take up in greater detail, though, when we get to the book of Deuteronomy, where it is stressed to a greater degree than it is in Exodus, but for now, we can accept Levenson's claim that Sinai represents an intersection of law and love, because of the use of the suzerainty model.


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  • This is what's called the Bohr radius, and we'll explain - hopefully we'll get to it today where this Bohr radius name comes from, but for now what you need to know is just that it's a constant, just treat it like a constant, and it turns out to be equal to or about 1/2 an angstrom.


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  • So now that means if this is where the center of positive excess charge lies and on top of it is the center there is no displacement of the charge so there is no net dipole.


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  • Mount Zion is in Jerusalem, it's the Temple Mount today where the mosque now is. Today, we'll consider Levenson's analysis of the Sinai tradition as an entree into the Israelite concept of the Torah, and the covenant bond, its meaning and its implications.


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