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back a sail 将帆顶风 ; 转帆停船

back a bill 负责兑付票据 ; 在票据上背书 ; 把票据背书 ; 票背签字

back a cheque 负责付款

back a note 签名于票据背面

carrying back a tax loss 可抵扣亏损抵前

back a check 背书支票 ; 负责付款

We're Back A Dinosaurs Story 回到未来

back a car 回一辆车 ; 回一个车

Please Drive Back a Little 请往后退一点



  • (Speaking) At an office computer and Internet skills class at Byte Back, a non-profit organization in Washington, Before enrolling in the class.

    VOA: standard.2010.01.05

  • (NO TRANSCRIPTS) However,in a country where the love of gold dates back centuries, jewelry shop owners say they will wait patiently for sales to pick up.

    VOA: standard.2009.09.19

  • The whole system essentially consists of three categories of plays: (1) Tebow gives the ball to a running back, (2) Tebow pretends to give the ball to a running back and throws it instead or (3) Tebow pretends to give the ball to a running back and then runs it himself.

    WSJ: Waiting for Tim Tebow to Go

  • The way it might work, for example, is that a business owner could borrow back (defer) a percentage of his or her tax bill with the requirement that at the end of the next tax year, proof be provided that the money was used to add employees or invest in plant and equipment.

    FORBES: An Entrepreneurial Fix For The Jobs Crisis

  • The issue is that Jones-Drew, who is only 27-years-old, has been informed about the short shelf life of an NFL player (particularly a running back), may be entering the best years of his career (from a production standpoint), and wants to take advantage of his limited opportunity to capitalize on his proven ability to rack up rushing yards (he had 1, 606 yards rushing in 2011).

    FORBES: Public Discussion Of Maurice Jones-Drew Holdout Will Not Affect His Brand

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