• The new plan alters the ratios so that the top 9% of students from each high school would be guaranteed a spot, as well as students who rank in the top 9% of the state as a whole.

    ECONOMIST: Affirmative action

  • "We will have a horse that's ready and he won't be as fresh, as rank as he was in the San Felipe, " Krigger said.

    WSJ: Flashback early 9-5 favorite for Santa Anita Derby

  • As in Hanoi, party rank carries more clout than government post.


  • At the personal level, I think and I know that the President likes and respects Speaker Boehner and has good relations with congressional leaders of both parties, as well as rank-and-file members in both parties.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney,

  • Their rehabilitation in almost every quarter must rank as the most sudden, surprising and complete in the history of brand management.

    ECONOMIST: It is time to let the Russian royal family rest in peace

  • Hong Kong installed a currency board in 1983 and has retained its rank as one of the most competitive economies in the world.

    FORBES: The hoodwinkers

  • Mr. Anderson, who worked at the retailer for 36 years since its early days as a stereo chain called Sound of Music, said Mr. Dunn's appointment as CEO in 2009 had been very popular with rank-and-file workers, who saw him as one of their own.

    WSJ: Best Buy Probe Concerns an Alleged Relationship of CEO Brian Dunn, Use of Assets

  • Instead of 1 million immigrants a year, these numbers suggest we could be letting in as many as 3 million a year and we would still not rank in the top 5.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • Cpl O'Connor was deployed to Afghanistan at the end of September as a section commander in the acting rank of corporal.

    BBC: Cpl David O'Connor, Cpl Channing Day

  • In order to advance in rank or earn a specific qualification insignia such as lead the watch team in the reactor plant, a qualification board is organized with a sailors superiors and qualified peers to test his or her knowledge.

    FORBES: Five Business Lessons from the US Navy

  • And just as impressive according to Forbes NHL Valuations, they rank as the 8th highest valued franchise despite being in the bottom half of market sizes among NHL cities.

    FORBES: Vancouver Canucks Journey From Rags To Riches Among NHL Franchises

  • In this case, the web document is your professional profile, and the outcome you want is for your professional profile to rank as highly as possible in the search results for the keywords most closely associated with the job you want.

    FORBES: What Are Some Lesser-Known Hacks For LinkedIn?

  • He will obviously continue to engage with Congress, as he has in the past, as he will tomorrow -- both congressional leaders and rank-and-file members of both the Senate and the House -- in an effort to try to resolve this.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefings

  • In general, developed countries rank as more expensive than developing ones because their wage costs are higher.


  • With property values falling, property tax burdens are going up doubly fast, as Bill Baldwin pointed out in his project to rank state property tax rates from worst to best.

    FORBES: States With The Worst Property Taxes [Infographic]

  • Criminals rank alongside bureaucrats as a business problem in Russia especially in distribution, which is ridden with racketeers.

    ECONOMIST: Russia

  • These days Nazir sees opportunities to link up the economies of ASEAN, which, if counted as a single economic bloc, would rank ninth in the world.

    FORBES: Setting The Stage - Nazir Razak, CEO Of Malaysia's CIMB Bank

  • For example, during my tenure, three African-American men, four Hispanic men, one African-American woman, and one White woman were appointed as Assistant Directors -- the second highest rank in the career FBI.

    CNN: Text of Freeh's statement

  • These short-term global fluctuations are associated principally with natural oscillations of tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures summarized in the Nino index in the lower part of the figure. 2012 is nominally the 9th warmest year, but it is indistinguishable in rank with several other years, as shown by the error estimate for comparing nearby years.

    FORBES: Yes! We Should Defund The U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change

  • On 19 October 2010, Tory MP Christopher Chope proposed that instead of ranking as many candidates as they liked in order of preference, voters should only rank the top two if AV were adopted.

    BBC: MP calls for limit on voter choice if AV is adopted

  • That surely will rank as one of the most important moments in the history of government-business relations -- yet, in a sign of the times, it is almost a footnote to all the other giant events of the period.

    WSJ: Making Sense of a Dizzying Ride

  • Today (July 14), Peabody announced a deal with the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China to develop a 50 million ton per year surface mine a giant project that would rank as one of the biggest coal mines in the world.

    FORBES: Peabody Coal Is On Fire With New Deals

  • It does, however, help to explain why a disproportionate number of the most influential celebrities on Twitter are African-American: On the Forbes Celebrity 100, eight of the top 20 celebrities in our social rank index are black, as are four of the top 10 social media overachievers.

    FORBES: Twitter Gets Even More Popular With Black Users. Why?

  • As campaigns gobble up ever more cash, bundlers rank high in the power structure of American politics.

    NPR: Democratic Fundraiser Hsu Had Troubled History

  • The Obamacons are manifestations of a deeper turmoil in the Republican rank-and-file, as the old coalition of small-government activists, social conservatives and business Republicans falls apart.

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

  • In fact, since men are not particularly attracted to powerful mates, high-status women do not profit from their rank, at least not in so far as it affects their access to men.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • These three billion dollar spending days currently rank as three of the four heaviest online spending days in history.

    FORBES: Online Holiday Sales Hit Nearly $6 Billion for the Week

  • Not only does SAS have an enviably low turnover rate, but surveys consistently rank it as one of the best places to work in corporate America.

    FORBES: Private matters

  • That's good enough, the team said, to rank as the third-largest sports-venue display in North America and surpasses Kauffman Stadium's HD scoreboard as the largest in baseball.


  • "Finally, the analyst community has not latched onto the recent strength in AMD, as 65% of analysts covering the stock currently rank it a 'hold' or lower, " concludes Johnson.

    FORBES: AMD: Scaling A Wall Of Worry

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