• "Infernal Affairs" is a typical commercial movie, so I always say, this is magic, the "Infernal Affairs" magic.

    CNN: Andrew Lau Interview on Talk Asia

  • When "Infernal Affairs, " the first one, came out, Hong Kong's film industry was not in a good way.

    CNN: Andrew Lau Interview on Talk Asia

  • Yet the deals create their own infernal logic, whereby those who are discriminated against seek their own preferential deal.

    ECONOMIST: Trade

  • His fictitious musings are made fact by the status of their infernal scribe, while their reportage is a reminder of Mr Mailer's own journalistic roots.

    ECONOMIST: New fiction

  • The console version is expected to launch with many of the current Diablo III updates, including Paragon levels, monster power system, Infernal Machine and even Brawling.

    FORBES: Hands-On With Diablo III (PS3) At PAX East 2013

  • However, Malkovich's two latest roles would belie his lament: a notorious serial killer in theater production "The Infernal Comedy, " and supervillain, Vulture, in "Spider-Man 4, " slated for release in 2012.

    CNN: Malkovich: I don't always play the bad guy

  • Should circumstances change, should the anti-Putin opposition unite squarely behind a single candidate like Zyuganov or Mironov, then Putin would be forced to put the infernal vote-rigging machine into overdrive.

    FORBES: Something Strange Happened on the way to the Revolution: Putin's Popularity is Increasing

  • The thing is, the portal only opens once and then has to be rebuilt by killing all theKeywardens again except for the last one who drops the plans for the Infernal Machine which opens the portal.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • Whereas the classics it emulates sought authenticity by filming on overseas locations, Mr Soderbergh flaunts the artifice of the genre we call film noir, recreated in the appropriate colours: blacks darker than night and whites that give off an infernal glare.

    ECONOMIST: Steven Soderbergh seeks sex, lies and film noir in Berlin

  • This is the theory that life is not merely a surface scum which clings to the outside of planet Earth, but that living things, in the form of so-called extremophile bacteria which can tolerate infernal heat, penetrate several kilometres into the planet's interior.

    ECONOMIST: Obituary

  • The championship game (the Nokia Sugar Bowl) will be anticlimactic because we already watched the Sooners get walloped by Kansas State last Saturday night in the Big 12 Conference championship game, a post-regular-season affair that is itself a creation of the infernal effort to select the absolute best team (and maximize revenue).

    FORBES: The BCS Mess Restores The Rose Bowl's Luster

  • But they had to wait too long, much too long, for the infernal elevator, which liked to clamor below with buckling metal and other echoes of motion the minute the call button was pressed, but tended to dally there before zooming right past, up and up, to some grander view of Bequia Tower.

    NEWYORKER: The Valetudinarian

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