• This petty infirmity and its accompanying mood swings got me mulling over ex-Hewlett-Packard chairman Patricia Dunn.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In many cases the deceased has been unable to react to the smoke alarm due to drink, drugs, medication or medical infirmity.

    BBC: Major rise in fire death numbers

  • It points out that while old age does bring with it challenges, it does not necessarily need to spell a downward spiral to infirmity.

    BBC: Why old age need not be a burden

  • Yet the screenwriter, Hanif Kureishi, and the director, Roger Michell, shamelessly milk the pathos of infirmity, lurching heedlessly from one prefabricated poignancy to another.

    NEWYORKER: Venus

  • It's a population that has been virtually hidden for several reasons, including the reluctance of many sick parents to go public with their infirmity.

    CNN: Help for a 'hidden population' of caregiving kids

  • She added that the "age or infirmity" of some passengers would have made walking the extra distance "difficult, lengthy and painful", particularly in the dark.

    BBC: Arriva buses at Derby bus station

  • This time the man felled by age and infirmity is Simon Axler, an actor who suffers a breakdown while portraying Prospero and Macbeth in repertory.

    ECONOMIST: Philip Roth's new novel

  • This petty infirmity and its accompanying mood swings got me mulling over ex- Hewlett-Packard (nyse: HPQ - news - people ) chairman Patricia Dunn.

    FORBES: When to Disclose an Illness

  • The film, which tells of an elderly French couple dealing with infirmity and dementia, also receives acting citations for its octogenarian stars Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva.

    BBC: Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench in Skyfall

  • The other is the fraudulent promise that technology will free us all from unhappiness and infirmity, prolong life and provide parents with brainy, well-adjusted children untouched by genetic handicap.

    ECONOMIST: Bioethics

  • Nothing contained in the Judiciary Committee's majority report or in the trial brief or in the presentation of the managers can cure the constitutional infirmity that affect -- infects these articles.

    CNN: Transcript: White House Counsel Ruff's opening statement

  • However, the GOP assault on our seniors is about going after those who no longer have the ability to help themselves, as they once did, due to advancing age, infirmity and disability.

    FORBES: Throwing Grandma From The Train

  • Historians regard Celestine's claim of "personal infirmity" with considerable skepticism, focusing instead on "the malignity of the people" and pressure from his eventual successor as the real reason for his unprecedented resignation.

    CNN: Echoes of past in pope's resignation

  • The same constitutional infirmity plagues the president's plan.

    WSJ: David Rivkin and Andrew Grossman: Gun Control and the Constitution

  • At least when I go out with extremists from my own family I know what to expect, and prepare ahead of time by stocking the cooler with enough lager to withstand almost any infirmity, physical or psychological.

    WSJ: Joys and Perils of the Single Walk-On Golfer | Golf Journal

  • Urbanization and rapid social changes, which have split extended families and sent all those who are capable of working into the marketplace, mean that many hands once available to care for elderly relatives - whether suffering from dementia or simple infirmity - are not there.


  • Should the absence of half their lineup and the general infirmity of the remaining half sink the Yankees' season, you'll be able to get tickets just behind the dugouts on the cheap and pat yourself on the back for being the kind of true fan who sits through all nine innings of a 10-run blowout.

    WSJ: How to Enjoy Lousy Baseball

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