• Is he a publicity seeker or is he using his popularity to highlight a just cause?

    BBC: Baba Ramdev fast: Just cause or blackmail?

  • Allied aircrew who flew on such missions believed they fought for a just cause.

    ECONOMIST: Israel and Palestine

  • If the war we are waging is for a just cause, why kill innocent civilians in Afghanistan?

    FORBES: Man with a vision

  • Combat experience: Harrell served in Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada, Operation Just Cause in Panama and Operation Desert Storm.

    CNN: Specials

  • But without an equally ambitious plan for economic growth, Osborne's projected cuts will just cause pain without sufficient gain.

    BBC: UK

  • Fun Fact: Avalanche also developed Just Cause 2, still heralded as one of the best open-world games from this generation.

    FORBES: Disney Infinity Revealed: An Ambitious Cross-Platform Gaming Toybox

  • If the dismissal was without just cause, the employer must reinstate the worker and pay the full salary since dismissal.

    BBC: Italy's thorny labour law

  • And while this fiasco provides just cause for recalling Shalev to Israel, the buck on this one cannot stop with her.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Bush's parting lesson

  • He is sickened by fundamentalism, but even more sickened by the American assumption of a just cause in its campaign against Iraq.

    BBC: How Islam tries to justify war

  • Mr. VERRALL: You know, I'm still experimenting, a couple I'm trying this year is green zebra, just cause it looks kind of cool.

    NPR: Vegetable Gardening On A Budget

  • People's Daily features a photo of the two leaders shaking hands and the headline: "China firmly supports the just cause of the Palestinian people".

    BBC: China media: Middle East mediation

  • The view of just cause, with its roots in Koranic notions of jihad, is shared by many in the Muslim world, including its liberals.

    BBC: How Islam tries to justify war

  • Plenty of bugs just cause the software to act flaky or become unstable or hang without offering an attacker any inroads into the machine.

    FORBES: How Bad Assumptions Are Making Software Less Secure

  • But like any form of unwritten protectionism there is a fair degree of just cause in the actions both of the Europeans and the Chinese.

    FORBES: Arrogance or Ignorance? Why Are Google and Apple Both In The Dock?

  • If war is forced upon us, we will fight in a just cause and by just means, sparing, in every way we can, the innocent.

    CNN: Transcript of State of the Union

  • Leveling the playing field is a just cause for all Americans.

    FORBES: Who's For Too Big To Fail Reform Now?

  • We dare not reverse that decision without good and just cause.


  • The confidence expressed in 2002 was repeated by chairman of selectors David Graveney but this time England's management believe they have just cause to be optimistic.

    BBC: Andrew Flintoff and David Graveney

  • Under its proposals, workers who are dismissed without just cause - a definition open to interpretation - would get two years' salary compensation but not their job back.

    BBC: Italy's thorny labour law

  • Meanwhile, scientists are continuously coming up with possible biomarker tests that may predict whether a given drug is likely to be effective, or is likely to just cause side effects.

    FORBES: Genetic Testing

  • One possibility, admittedly speculative, is that the prosecutor concluded that Zimmerman illegally confronted the victim with a weapon without just cause, and that that criminal act led to the shooting.


  • Surprisingly, the demo we got, which featured Just Cause 2 on the main screen, wasn't too distracting -- perhaps we've just become more accustomed to information overload than we care to admit.

    ENGADGET: OnLive Multiview on an LG Google TV, eyes-on (video)

  • To some, the photograph represents valor and courage, a symbol of what the American soldier used to be, at a time when war at least that war was considered a just cause.

    NPR: The Iwo Jima Photograph

  • This says that any worker in a company of 15 or more employees who is fired can seek immediate recourse to an independent tribunal which will decide if he or she was dismissed with "just cause".

    BBC: Italy's thorny labour law

  • Recapitulating the many pictures made in the forties and fifties which portrayed the Americans as good and simple people fighting for a just cause, Wallace and Gibson have taken Vietnam out of history essentially, they have assimilated it into the Second World War.

    NEWYORKER: We Were Soldiers

  • "The Appeals Committee concluded that the conduct of the player in taking banned drugs was gross misconduct, which entitled the club to treat the player's contract as at an end and amounted to a unilateral breach without just cause or sporting just cause, " the League said on Wednesday.

    CNN: Chelsea aim to recoup loss on Mutu

  • So it remains to be seen if this rather unusual public outburst against Mr Blair - and Mr Bush - will just cause a raised eyebrow for one day, or mark a rather more important ratcheting up of public concern in Britain about where Middle East policy is going.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Diplomats' scathing letter to Blair

  • But a student being informed about risks should not be just cause for a complete liability waiver for a university or the NCAA. This type of clause is best designed for adults of relatively equal bargaining power in a business transaction or at least where there is an employer-employee relationship.

    FORBES: The Devilish Details Of The NCAA's New Genetic Testing Rules

  • Of course, that's just one possible cause of allergies -- or just one possible cause of many possible causes.

    CNN: Where do allergies come from?

  • "I don't know really much of his politics, but just 'cause he's black just being Hispanic, I'd like to see other people of color, " says Elia Beltran.

    NPR: Uneasy Black-Latino Ties a Factor in Calif. Primary

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