• Krill (crustaceans resembling prawns) subsist on phytoplankton and are in turn eaten by fish, squid, jellyfish, seabirds, penguins, seals, whales and other animals.

    BBC: How Antarctica works

  • If it was too wet to light a fire, they had to subsist on hardtack biscuits and cold sowbelly doused in vinegar.

    ECONOMIST: The American West: A wild, wild place | The

  • Iran cries out for a proper welfare system, directed at those most in need: 15% of the population subsist below the poverty line, and average living standards are no higher than 20 years ago.

    ECONOMIST: Stunted and distorted | The

  • Monkey Point is inhabited by the Rama and Creole communities who live in isolation and are people of predominately African ancestry who subsist on fish and jungle animals.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Tehran threat in the US�� backyard

  • In drought years, many of their cows die and they subsist on food aid.

    ECONOMIST: Why the Masai send their slower children to school

  • In true survivalist manner, Croft also teaches his family how to subsist on alternative sources of nourishment, such as algae, roasted mice and live earthworms.


  • Some 300, 000 people have been resettled so far, many in the southern Oromia region, where it has proved particularly hard to subsist.

    ECONOMIST: Ethiopia

  • Partly because, since the election, the press has had to subsist on a dispiriting gruel of reviews, white papers and bills, leaked only in so far as the government wanted them leaked and, in truth, making dull news.

    ECONOMIST: The hounding of Geoffrey Robinson

  • Most women who land in Odessa are, like Katya, poorly educated, and often from villages that subsist on remittances from happier emigrants.

    ECONOMIST: A hub of the modern slave trade

  • Ryan Croft in Asheville, North Carolina, for instance, said he was teaching his family how to subsist on alternative sources of nourishment like algae, roasted mice and earthworms, as well as making a one-of-a-kind assault rifle -- a hybrid between an AR-15 and AK-47 -- to deal with signs of doom lurking around the corner.

    CNN: The end of the world? Not quite yet

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