• So have Northern optimists nothing to clutch at?

    ECONOMIST: Back to work

  • Backup point guard Reggie Jackson, who played at Boston College, got a running flip to go in and followed that with a double-clutch jumper from the right wing at the shot-clock buzzer.

    NPR: Thunder Grind Out 91-79 Win Over Celtics

  • Both German and Eurozone second-quarter gross domestic product sadly lacked the vim and vigor of the previous quarter and was greeted by jaw-dropping disappointment by investors who were quick to sell out of short-term gains in equities and clutch at the safety of government bonds.

    FORBES: Investors Bearing Up Under the Strain

  • And the President then, I think, at the speech site, was able to have this clutch, this brief meeting backstage with a number of people who have made extraordinary sacrifices -- the leader of the Saffron Revolution, political prisoners who have been released after many years in jail, representatives of ethnic minorities.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • At Oxford Tolkien kept company with the Inklings a clutch of dons who gathered on Tuesday mornings at a pub to read their work aloud.

    ECONOMIST: A new biography illuminates Tolkien, the creator

  • That enabled her to find out how many eggs in each clutch had been fathered by the male at the nest.

    ECONOMIST: Male birds cannot afford to relax their standards

  • That perception will be reinforced by the election, which returned a notably aged clutch of deputies, many of them chosen at party headquarters in Algiers, to represent a young, frustrated populace.

    ECONOMIST: A general election has made almost nobody any happier

  • The U.S. Department of Energy has funded a clutch of research efforts at the various Energy Frontier Research Centers in an effort to improve the underlying economics of the technology, which is currently too expensive for mainstream markets.

    FORBES: The Trillion Mile-Per-Gallon Engine

  • As the FT put it a fortnight ago: 'By introducing a clutch of overseas providers to provide treatment centres for National Health Service patients, the government has at a stroke transformed a significant chunk of the country's health care exposing to scrutiny some of the myths on which private medical care is sold.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Politics | Full text: Blair on public services

  • With a clutch of players rising at the near post, Sidibe got an unwitting touch but was happy to claim the goal after the ball looped into the net.

    BBC: Stoke 3-2 Aston Villa

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