• Researchers at Wake Forest University looked at a certain protein that regulates iron and studied the amount of it in breast cancer cells.

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  • Jacob Milgrom has argued that there's a kind of Archimedean principle at work here: every sin creates an impurity that encroaches upon the realm of holiness and displaces a certain amount of holiness.


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  • It's actually better to spend a certain amount of time just keeping your body in good condition


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  • The presumption is that they all reward and demand a certain amount of close reading.


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  • They said, would you sign a contract that if you had this loss the contract would pay you a certain amount of money?


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  • Personal injury, bodily injury, you pay a certain amount of money.


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  • It's just how much heat is involved when we change the temperature. Now, the products have some heat capacity associated with them right, it takes a certain amount of heat if we make their temperature change, to either put it in or take it away, depending on which direction the temperature is changing.


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  • And they have to put in a certain amount of work time, working at the Food Co-op.


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  • So, there would have been a certain amount of just furious killing going on, but I don't think that would have been the way you planned the game.


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  • And the fact is, food is healthier if it has less trans fat, but it depends on what fat's swapped out for it, because if you put a healthier fat in then it's--then you get a certain amount of improvement.


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  • Another point about this sort of ambivalence about being czar is that he often made a point of choosing his most trusted advisors from the ranks of commoners and gave them the right to become titled after a certain amount of time after a certain amount of time in the royal bureaucracy.


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  • At the same time, he is saying that just by picking an acorn or taking an apple or maybe killing a buffalo on a certain amount of land, that makes it yours because it's your labor and your labor would enclose that land.


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  • they might get a certain amount of grants to help them pay their tuition.


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  • So, if we want to go from that stable state to that less stable state, we need to put in a certain amount of energy to our system, that difference between the free electron and the electron bound to the metal.


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  • We could begin to put a certain amount of pressure on the text and possibly, as I say, - begin to do things with it which are kind of a five-finger exercise-- -- we'll be doing a lot more of that sort of thing--but which might work.


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  • you do certain amount of years in the military, and then you get what's called a GI bill,


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  • This spring is getting squashed on either side, and it'll squash by certain amount x, that depends on your mass, and that x will be turned into a motion of a needle and that'll read your mass.

    这个弹簧两边都会受到压缩,压缩量为 x,它由你的质量决定,x 会转换成指针的运动,你从而可以读数

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  • They had to get that all worked out, it had to be done accurately, and they had to decide to keep a certain amount of co-insurance.


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  • We call them consols because, in the early 1700s, the British Government issued what they called consols or consolidated debt of the British Crown that paid a certain amount of pound sterling every six months forever.


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  • So we don't really need to put in a certain amount of heat and change the temperature of the products and the calorimeter and so on.


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  • It's different from Fed policy in that they set up a certain amount of money and auction that off to the highest bidder.


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  • So I've put this very handy little chart on the board for you listing codes on one side. And you'll see the kinds of things that are punished you pay a certain amount of money to compensate for the death.


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  • Expire Okay, that's a very interesting issue about the--the response was that because the--other food might expire quickly and so that's true; if you're eating things like fruits and vegetables, they only have a certain amount of life before they go bad.


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  • The hoplite himself is marked by, first of all, the shield and second of all, as we continue to think about his defensive capacities, he has a certain amount of armor to protect his body.


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