• The Navajos have their own red-rock tribal park, called Monument Valley, that's every bit as spectacular as U.S.national parks elsewhere in the Southwest.

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  • We're not going to read every bit of it word for word.


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  • Every bit in many ways is far reaching as Plato's Republic.


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  • I suppose people's tempers are getting a little bit frayed, and hopefully we won't see more of this but there seems every chance that we might."

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  • After all, not every bit of knowledge is equally valuable.


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  • And I think that every little bit makes a huge difference." While his class wrapped up, students for the next computer class, to be taught in Spanish,filed in, reflecting the diversity of this community, as well as its shared needs.

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  • In fact, if the other person is working hard, or is cutting back on their carbon emissions, you have every bit more incentive to not work hard or to keep high carbon emissions yourself.


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  • I may be exaggerating a little bit. But every year we gain more knowhow about how to do it.


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  • Well, we should be shocked, and I think beyond that we have every right to feel a little bit betrayed, because Milton quite simply has -- and he's doing this deliberately -he has just violated an important law.


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  • This is a course, a version of which I've taught almost every year for the last twenty years and it evolves a little bit every year.


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  • We've got to do a little bit every day.


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  • to the n, every value in the 1 bit vector we looked at last time is either 0 or 1. So it's a binary n number of n bits, 2 to the n.


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