• Scholars have proposed three possible models to explain the formation of Israel. The first is an immigration model.


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  • And several years later these two graduate students at Leiden by the name of Goudsmit and Uhlenbeck proposed that the electron in fact spins.


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  • The relationship between heat and work was initially proposed in the 1940's by Joule.


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  • And it's her only her humility, the sense of not being able to, that allows her space to be able to do what is proposed to her by the angel Gabriel.


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  • Ever since this was first proposed, there has never been any observations that do not coincide with the idea, that did not match the fact that the probability density is equal to the wave function squared.


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  • So, a couple of weeks ago we proposed to swap two integers, and we couldn't at the time.


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  • What kind of knowledge, if any, can be had from the shattering experiences of revolution or rape, those models of history that I proposed last time?


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  • What are the ramifications of the proposed change. Will it break other things?


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  • Namely, that he was concerned about inequality, about some people doing badly, and he proposed an economic alternative that would pool risks.


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  • Remember at the beginning, Dudley proposed a lottery, suppose that they had agreed to a lottery, then how many would then say it was all right?


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  • These are sort of flailing away at different ideas but another way of doing--an older way is proposed by Plato, who viewed laughter as a form of bonding against a common enemy.


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  • something like that it's not wild enthusiam except actually, the answer to that question ' "when you asked 'did you love this person Avenon'," "he doesn't name that proposed marriage will to you."


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  • And,so,they proposed a deal, why don't you be king until you croak-- they didn't put it quite like that-- and then the Orleanists will take over with the red, white and blue flag?


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  • And if the knucklebone theory of personal identity gets proposed and somebody said, Oh,yes,but you see,that person now with that knucklebone will be you, because the key to personal identity is having the very same knucklebone.


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  • The first stage proposed by Adeimantus is the simple city, what he calls the city of utmost necessity.


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  • John Dalton was an Englishman who proposed the following classification of the elements.


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